I was invited by Matt Arnett and Ben Sollee to spend some of March 2014 filming a wonderful series of performances by truly phenomenal Southern folk artists in an atypical venue outside of Atlanta: The Grocery on Home. This developed into a series of music videos, and a short documentary film that follows the lives and live performances of artists both established and emerging, and their relationship to Georgia, folk art, and the history that surrounds them. Their lives are saturated in the concepts of collaboration, identity, art and self-discovery; sometimes at odds with their peers, and sometimes in complete harmony.


Directed by Jean Claude Billmaier

Executive Producers | David Raculia, Ben Sollee, Mark Wofford, Matt Arnett & Jean Claude Billmaier

Produced by Ben Sollee, Jean Claude Billmaier & Morgan Ingari

Line Producer | Shani Penn


Performers | Ben Sollee, Marshall Ruffin, Lonnie Hollie


Director of Photography | Benjamin Dewey

Camera Operator | Kevin Dynia

Production Sound Mixer | Catie Stieckels

Music Sound Mixer | Jordon Ellis

Line Producer | Sally Suzuki

Editor | Catie Stickels

Master Sound Mix | Eric Sluyter


Special Thanks | The Grocery on Home Family, Sollee Family, PCE Atlanta, Emma Caceres, Nathaly Billmaier, Marissa Rutka, Frank Ingari